Lifesafer-DUI Breathalyzer Service


FC100 Ignition Interlock With Camera

For states that require a camera with the ignition interlock installation, LifeSafer provides a camera that interfaces seamlessly with our industry-leading FC100 device.
LifeSafer Ignition Interlock FC100 Camera Set

  • Indicator light signals handset-to-camera link, enabling test to begin
  • Separately mounted near the rearview mirror without obstructing driver’s view
  • Suction-cup mounted camera holds securely to windshield
  • Double-ball adjustments securely focus on the driver
  • Target-tracking device must remain in view of camera throughout test sequence
  • Programmable test times for cost-effective alcohol consumption monitoring

Wireless CapabilityLifeSafer Ignition Interlock Wireless

Some states require wireless capability as part of their ignition interlock program. LifeSafer offers a wireless camera option with the FC100 unit. Daily alcohol consumption monitoring, reporting and vehicle location are transmitted in real time to monitoring authorities as required.